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Movement Notation / Movement Analysis (M.A. Dance Composition)

The course in Movement Notation / Movement Analysis (M.A. Dance Composition) focuses on methods of analyzing and transcribing movement, on a practical as well as theoretical and historical level. Basic knowledge in the system of Kinetography Labanotation/Labanotation or another notation system as Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation will be extended and deepened. Recent developments in technology and media will be included to enable students to do independent work in the documentary and reconstructional area but also to allow them to pursue a creative and analytical direction.

From Notation to Computer Generated 3D Animation

The goal of this research and development project (2006 - 2008) was to produce a software, which is capable to visualize and simulate the geometric and spatial concepts of a notation system. It was supposed to translate the symbolic content of the notation to the visualized movement in the animation.

animation2 Dancer

Dance and Technology

The recent use of New Media and digital representation techniques in the performing arts of dance and the possible influence of movement notation is demonstrated in this course. The fundamental background of some technological approaches will be explained to show their range of possibilities as well as their limits. The thorough knowledge of technical and artistic procedures enables a deeper understanding of movement and dance as well as their performance, representation and reception in traditional, notational and medial communication channels.

Visualizing Dance Archives

A software tool, which will assist dance re-construction by means of animated movement sequences, is being developed during this project. It allows the transformation of movement content out of various sources into a visual, three-dimensional representation.

Practical Movement Notation

Teaching notation in combination with a practical approach to explore movement possibilties provides not only a theoretical foundation for analysing movement, it improves various technical, coordinative and qualitative movement skills.