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EW Notator Features

New Features in EW Notator 2.2



Improved Toolbars

Faster access to important commands and functions

Symbol Alignment

Symbols can be aligned on the left and right cell borders

Various Bug Fixes

Bug fixes for text boxes, master documents, extra cell borders etc.


New Features in EW Notator 2.1



New XML based file format

  • Improved reliability and flexibility of file format enhancements

  • Enabling access to EWMN data from external applications

Improved UI: Format Bar

All property windows appear optionally in a format bar on the right side of the document window.

Improved UI: Compound Symbols

Compound Symbols pages may be teared off the Symbol Bar and left open as a floating toolbar, if frequently used.

Staff Positioning

Allows alignment of staff to right, left, top or bottom page margin. Position page located in Staff Properties dialog also contains distance between staffs, previously located in Staff Borders.

Limb Names: Column Width

Enhanced options for displaying limb names: Distance between limb name and cell can be set. Width of group and limb names columns may be optionally set.

Limb Names: Alignment

Format Limbs, Limb and Group Names: Limb and Group Names can be aligned differently within the Group and Limb Name columns.

Limb Names: Entering symbols in limb name column

A regular column containing cells may be created in the region of the limb names. To activate this feature, check the "Enable Custom Column" option in Staff Properties, Limb Names, More.

Limb Names: Braces and Brackets

New options for displaying braces and brackets with group names

Format limbs, Group Names

  • New option for displaying borders only around limb names, but not around group names

  • New option to display group names horizontally (uncheck rotate group names)

Staff Borders and Line Thickness

Thickness of bar line styles (Regular, Medium, Thick) may be modified. Previous default was a factor of 1, 3 and 6, respectively on the thickness of regular vertical lines. Distance of bar lines to cell borders may be set individually for each style

Staff Definitions: Naming

Create Staff and Edit Staff: Staff Definitions may be named

Staff Definition names may be viewed in the new Staff Definition page in the format bar. (Page Available Staffs).

Staff Definitions: Applying

A right-click with the mouse on Staff Properties, Available Staffs, gives new editingoptions for staffs:

  • Allows a quick-apply of any staff definition in the document to the current staff.

  • Allows editing of any staff definition in the document. The changes will be applied globally to all occurrences of the staff definition in the document.

Edit Staff Dialog: Properties Bar

Edit Staff dialog contains a Properties bar which allows:

  • to name or rename a staff definition

  • View the usage of a staff defintion throughout the document.

  • to control how the changes of a staff are applied to the document. (Apply to staff section, current staff, All occurrences of the staff)

Symbol Editing: Enhancement

Using the combination shift + arrow keys a compound part within a compound symbol may be selected separately. Previousy you could only select a simple item within a compound symbol and then move to the selection of the whole symbol.

Selecting a compound part e.g. enables to apply the DISTANCE and OFFSET properties in Symbol Properties, Align, More to a compound part within a symbol. This feature was previously accessible only by using the script feature.

Symbol Editing: Symbol sizes

Sizing of EW Symbols extended from 1% to 2500% (previously 20% to 255%)

Symbol Editing: Item Align

It is now possible to define one symbol item within a compound EW symbol, as an align anchor. You access this setting within the Build Symbols dialog, on the align / size page. When aligning the EW Symbol within the cell (vertically or horizontally), alignment is performed according to the specified align item, and not according to the symbols as a whole.

View: Screen Refresh

screen refresh is performed on entire screen, when document contains selected cells. As a result, changes to extended cell borders, should display correctly right after the change is performed.

Format Box: Staff Anchor option

Staff Anchor with align Top Staff or Bottom Staff may specify optional distance to staff.

Format Box: Staff Anchor alignment

New option for aligning boxes on limb name column, if group name column is present (2nd name column)

Format Box: Keep Ratio

Check Box Keep Ratio in Format Box enables boxes to be resized while preserving the relationship between box width and height.

Text Editing: Text styles

Text formatting is defined throughout EW Notator document by styles. There are paragraph and character styles, just as found in word processors like MS Word or OpenOffice Writer. When applied to rich text in text boxes, styles behave exactly as in these programs.

Text Editing: Embedding of EW Symbols

Text boxes may now contain EW Symbols. When inserting an EW Symbol in to a text box, a cell box is automatically created within the text box. The cell box is sized automatically according to its contents.

Text Editing: Fields

Headers, footers and ordinary rich text boxes support Fields. (Insert menu, Fields) The date and filename fields are updated automatically. The author and title fields must be specified in the document description in the following form:


Please replace the word text with your entries.

Page Formatting: Page styles

Page design is also handled by styles. A page style contains the attributes of paper size, page margins, and a header and / or footer definition. The paper size and page margin attributes support inheritance. The header and footer definition is not affected by parent styles.

Switching of UI Language

On-the-fly switching of UI Language. Hebrew UI Language is included in the package.


Numerous Bug fixes

PDF Creation

For saving a EW document as PDF, you need a postscript printer driver and Ghostscript (www.ghostscript.com) installed on your system. Access to this function is through File, Save As PDF... and Options, PDF Settings...

Save Selection As

Saving selected areas of you EW document as a separate EW document or as an image file (EMF, WMF, BMP, JPG).

OLE Server

EW Notator documents may be integrated into other documents via OLE

Master Documents

New Master document feature enables printing of several EW documents in one piece. Page numbers in headers and footers may adjust automatically to fit into master document page numbering.

Open Document Text documents may be also included in the master document for printing mixed EWMN and text publications.

Master documents may be exported directly to PDF files.

View: Show Codes

Improved "Show Codes" feature.

  • Invisible Cell Splits will display as a dotted green line.

  • Dotted green line is always displayed in Cell Properties, Split Cell, when Split has "None" line style.

  • Align and advance "Show Codes" display more elegantly.

  • Align item within a compound EW Symbols displays with a light blue background.